Reiki Level1


Level 1

Usui Shiki Ryoho’s First Degree Reiki will provide you with an introduction to the Reiki, history of Reiki, healing concepts, self treatment and hand positions as well as providing you with the ability to heal yourself and others at the physical level. Basically, Level 1 is hands –on therapy at physical level. The focal point of level 1 is about learning to become a clear channel for Reiki and a way of strengthening your connection to the universal light energy. After the attunement, you will be able to sense and more effectively direct this energy to heal yourself and others. At this level, you learn to heal in a detached manner in not seeking after outcomes. Reiki energy flows, if healing happens, it happens and if it doesn’t happen, doesn’t. Reiki knows what is best for the recipient and learning and developing this attitude early will enhances one’s journey with Reiki.

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