How Reiki Works


How Reiki Works:

Firstly, to understand how Reiki energy works, one should accept the fact that this Universe is entirely made up of energy. As we live in this universe, our thoughts, emotions and physical bodies are all made of this energy fields and this energy is called Universal energy or Life force energy. A person can survive for couple of days without eating or drinking, but he will not be able to survive even few seconds without this Life force energy. We have four levels in our being mainly physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. When this life force flows through the physical body, it enhances the organs and cells and on the contrary, if there is a disruption in the flow of life force, it ceases to nourish the organs and cells thereby preventing them from functioning at their most beneficial levels.

Suppression of the thoughts and emotions is the major cause of much illness. Illness happens when the body, mind and the soul become imbalanced. There can be many reasons for the cause of imbalances such as accepting negative thoughts like anger, fear, worry, doubt, suppressed emotions etc…

Reiki is a holistic healing technique that works on the whole or the entire energy level of a person – whole includes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of a person. If there is disruption in life force in either of these levels, that the physical symptom of dis-ease exists and Reiki works directly on the root cause of the problem rather than the problem itself. Reiki empowers us to become whole in all ways. It empowers you to take charge of complete well being.

Reiki also helps in spiritual advancement of a person but does not guarantee enlightenment and it also works well with people who are also not so spiritual in nature. Reiki nowadays is very commonly used as stress reducing and relaxing technique which aids you to bring back your natural ability to heal yourself. Reiki flows through your energy fields in to your physical body and refurbishes the total “you”.

Reiki can be used on Animals, plants, pregnant ladies, children, things and situations. Food and drink can be enhanced energetically with Reiki. As with any other type of healing, Reiki does not guarantee or promise results. The effect depends entirely on the current situation of the individual. An individual or the client will only draw the energy that is needed by them and there is nothing like giving more or less of Reiki.

For any Reiki treatment to work effectively, the Intent of the practitioner and the acceptance of the client play a major role. Anyone can learn Reiki and it requires no religion, qualification or condition to learn, practice and teach Reiki to others. As the saying goes “Practice makes a man perfect”, the more you practice Reiki on yourself and others, the more perfect you become.

Reiki treatment is given to a client with hands placed on or just above the client’s body and the client remains fully clothed. A client draws on the Reiki energy and let go the tension physically and mentally.

People benefit from single treatment too but the greatest effect comes from continuous or consistent treatments. If a person is not in position or condition to visit frequently for months, it would be helpful and beneficial if the family members receive attunement to provide treatment as needed by the client.

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